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Empower yourself with practical end of life planning

Death is the only guarantee in life, yet we talk about and plan for it the least. 

  • Do your loved ones understand your end of life wishes and how to protect them?
  • Do you worry about conflict arising over funeral arrangements?
  • Are you anxious that your family won’t have the support or tools to navigate life after your death?

Imagine knowing that your end of life wishes will be upheld, and that your loved ones will know what to do.

Death Doula and End of Life Planning Services

Hi, I'm Karla. Funeral Director and Death Doula serving Victoria and surrounding areas.

I have sat with many families in the immediate days following the death of a loved one. In some cases I have witnessed the heartache that can result when family members had no idea about their loved one’s final wishes.

As a Death Doula I'm able to see when there's a gap in communication. I am able to bridge the space between life and death by encouraging thoughtful and pragmatic discussions and planning. I aim to empower individuals to identify their own values and beliefs, and to discuss them with those who need to know.

As a licensed embalmer I have had the privilege of providing final care for numerous bodies.  I am passionate about empowering loved ones to care for their own.  I offer guidance and support so that you may engage as much or as little with your person after death, be it hours or days.  I am an advocate for open and honest information around safe and dignified death care.


Value Based Comfort Planning

Document the values that shape your life and how they can shape your end of life care. You'll have knowledgable support to ensure that your wishes are clear.

Empower your loved ones to know and protect your wishes by creating a road map to guide decision making. I provide clarity around standard documentation, practical planning and holistic considerations.

Home Funerals

After death at home there is an opportunity to slow down and be involved in the final care. If there has been painful illness, it can he healing to witness the absence of pain, and be able to touch, hold and even wash your person. Every situation is unique.

Before the death has occurred I can provide information and a sense of what to expect. After death I will facilitate care of the body.  As a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer I provide safe and experienced guidance.  I believe in reclaiming the knowledge of caring for our own dead and I empower families to do so.

Comfortable Conversations

Death can feel scary, unpredictable and overwhelming.  Talking about death can be upsetting and might even feel like it will make it happen.

Not talking about death can create anxiety that care wishes will not be met, that family will argue over decision making, or that loves ones will be left without adequate support.

End of life planning and family led conversations create opportunities to make informed choices, empower loved ones, and find peace of mind.

When families know each other's wishes, they can protect them rather than guess.

Redefine death. A gift that impacts generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine knowing that your wishes will be upheld, and that your loved ones will know what to do.

1. Connect: book a free consultation call to share you needs and ask questions.

2. Plan: we create a map forward tailored to your goals and values.

3. Gain clarity: through honest, transparent information rooted in experience and compassion.

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