Kind Words

"I attended a meeting discussing death and dying with Karla Kerr, a somewhat unconventional funeral director. She encourages families to engage in their own burial rituals. Thank you Karla ... for the first time ever I started to design my most meaningful way to die."

Ian Fulkner

"Karla has supported my family through two deaths. She takes a lot of care to understand different perspectives and wishes while offering experienced advice. Karla has an in depth knowledge of alternative funeral options as well as traditional models and can confidently provide information and guidance during an overwhelming time. I highly recommend Karla to any person or family that is seeking any level of support preparing for end of life."

Darcy G

“I found working with Karla to be such a valuable experience. She is very caring and knowledgeable, and her demeanor is calming and supportive. Together we planned a meeting to inform my kids that I will be receiving medical assistance in dying. I was very anxious about the conversation but it could not have gone better. I have profound respect for Karla’s ability to deal with an extremely demanding situation. I am so grateful that she came into our lives.”

Jim Milne

“I cannot recommend Death over Dinner enough. Karla has lots of experience and knowledge about end of life planning plus the ability to really listen and facilitate the questions we hesitate to ask. This was an opportunity not only to talk about end of life and death but how to live right now. I’m so grateful for the conversation we had because I know I would regret not taking the opportunity to talk and plan with my family.”

Stephanie McRobb

"What a rewarding experience to meet with Karla to face advance care planning! I was able to discuss sensitive personal issues with her because I felt heard and understood. Karla’s answers to my questions were clear, showing a solid knowledge of end-of-life issues. But even more important to me than her professional expertise was her warmth of heart and spirit."

Bruce Tobin, Founder of TheraPsil

“Following our Death Over Dinner my older brother died. My niece and nephew were talking about their father’s wishes and they are going by instinct. I am relieved to be working with Karla so that my children will not have to guess.

Atmo Prasad

"Karla is a grounding, calm, respectful, and reliable presence in what can be a complex time emotionally and physically for families and friends. She is quietly intuitive and observant and has a gently appropriate sense of humour and perspective. Best of all, she is happy to roll up her sleeves and do whatever needs to be done to make the path more clear for the person, their family, and their friends. What Karla offered in this sacred time was exceptional."

Rev. Dr. Gail Peekeekoot, MN, DMin, RN

"Karla, I admire you so much for your work...the meeting was so informative and very easy to feel comfortable."


“Such an amazing night. Really made me rethink what I thought I knew about my family's wishes and my own values. Very emotional topics but Karla handled the group with compassion, care and professionalism. Her discussion enlightened me to gaps in my knowledge and considerations for my loved ones.